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Join Our Team - Chemistry Instructor

The Washington County Career Center - Adult Technical Training is now hiring for a Chemistry Instructor.

  • Candidates must have three (3) years of Basic Chemistry experience.

  • Knowledge and background in the following areas is needed: Elements, Compounds, Chemical Reactions, Acids, Bases, Polymers, Organic and Electro Chemistry.

As an instructor, you will be working with adult students in a hands-on training environment. This includes training labs and the classroom. No teaching experience is required, and training content is provided.

Wages range from $26 -$32 per hour based on qualifications and experience. Evening hours, 4-hours per evening, part-time.

Send resume & cover letter to

The curriculum and content are inclusive of the Chemical Operator and Chemical Technician program.

An overview of the program and its content may be viewed here,

Have questions? Call 1.800.648.3695 and ask for Curt Copen.



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