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Staff Directory

Tony Huffman


740.373.2766 x1040


Erica Chidester

Adult Tech
Medical Programs Manager

740.373.6283 x2018

Lauren Copen

Sports Medicine & Exercise Science Instructor

740.373.2766 x1180

Tina Duff

Assistant to the Secondary Director
and Lunch Program

740.373.2766 x4012

Stacy Elliott

Guidance Counselor Foster Care Liaison (Last Name L-Z)

740.373.2766 x4016

Ken Gebhart

Building Technology & Carpentry Instructor

740.373.2766 x7100

Rachel Heiss

Adult Tech
Registrar / Financial Aid Assistant

740.373.6283 x2013

Tim Kilpatrick

Assistant Director / Civil Rights & Anti Harassment Officer

740.373.2766 x4013

Donna Matheny

Cosmetology Instructor

740.373.2766 x4090

Daelon O'Connor

Information Technology Specialist

740.373.2766 x4111

Amber Peck

Adult Tech
Agribusiness Planning & Analysis Coordinator

740.373.6283 x2019

Jeff Ritzman

Social Studies Instructor

740.373.2766 x5050

Sara Sauls

Nurse/Health & Wellness Specialist

7403373.2766 x1160

Cynthia Schwendeman

Guidance Counselor Homeless Liaison (Last Name A-K)

740.373.2766 x4017

Lynette Snyder

Digital Marketing Instructor

740.373.2766 x5080

Chelsea Warren

English Instructor

740.373.2766 x4020

Ann Winstanley

EMIS Coordinator

740.373.2766 x4031

Chad Barth

Auto Collision Repair & Refinishing

740.373.2766 x6070

Byron Butts

Maintenance Supervisor


Bill Cieslewski

Intervention Specialist

740.373.2766 x5101

Joe Crone


740.373.2766 x1020

Vince Elder

Mathematics Instructor

740.373.2766 x4060

Dave Everson

Auto Mechanics Instructor

740.373.2766 x1280

Michele Grosklos

Assistant to the Superintendent

740.373.2766 x1041

Becky Hilverding

Transitions/Placement Coordinator

740.373.2766 x5010

Brian Kittle

Intervention Specialist

740.373.2766 x5103

Angie McAfee

Assistant to the Treasurer & Payroll

740.373.2766 x1022

Tamara O'Connor

Science Instructor

740.373.2766 x2070

Amy Pinkerton

Pre-Nursing Instructor

740.373.2766 x1060

Cindy Rogers

Adult Tech
Assessment Center Manager

740.373.6283 x1030

Evan Schaad

Director of Adult Technical Training

740.373.2766 x2010

Mandy Scharff


740.373.2766 x4011

Tyler Stacy

Welding Instructor

740.373.2766 x7080

Becky Wears

Alternative Learning Lab Monitor

740.373.2766 x5040

Deana Wolfe

Intervention Specialist

740.373.2766 x5104

Jerry Bradford

Chief Information Officer

740.373.2766 x4110

Michael Canfield

School Custodian


Heidi Comstock

Adult Tech
Compliance & Workforce Development Manager

740.373.6283 x2015

Daniel Dailey

Heavy Equipment Instructor

740.373.2766 x6200

Shari Elfline

Graduation Pathway Specialist

740.373.2766 x5040

Alexa Fouss

Adult Tech
Office Assistant / Reporting

740.373.6283 x2011

Mike Harlow

School Resource Officer

740.373.2766 x7020

Penny Jenkins

Marketing & Events Coordinator

740.373.2766 x4014

Heather Klintworth

Patient Health Care Instructor

740.373.2766 x1060

Alicia Miller

Assistant to the Treasurer

740.373.2766 x1021

Becky Oliver

School Custodian


Chris Porter

Alternative to Graduation Pathways

740.373.2766 x4090

Joey Rogers


Ben Schenkel

Mathematics Instructor

740.373.2766 x4040

Kristin Sigman

Science Instructor

740.373.2766 x2110

Casey Strahler

Masonry Instructor

740.373.2766 x7200

Bobbi Webb

Social Studies Instructor

740.373.2766 x6000

Robin Wright

Medical College Prep Instructor

740.373.2766 x1120

Stacy Bradford

Office Assistant to the School Counselors

740.373.2766 x4015

Jeff Canterbury

Electricity Instructor

740.373.2766 x6040

Curt Copen

Adult Tech
Industrial & Customized Training Manager

740.373.6283 x2031

Ashli Diamond

Aspire / Ohio Options Coordinator


Mike Elliott

Secondary Director and Anti Harassment Compliance Officer

740.373.2766 x4010

Shayne Garner

Diesel Truck Mechanics Instructor

740.373.2766 x7060

Aaron Heiss

Adult Tech
Industrial & Customized Training Manager

740.373.6283 x2030

Wendy Ketelsen

Adult Tech
Financial Aid/Student Services Coordinator

740.373.6283 x2014

Jason Lipot

Landscape Construction & Turf Management Instructor

740.373.2766 x7010

Melissa Morris

Intervention Specialist

740.373.2766 x5102

Chris Palmer

Graphic Design & Video Production Instructor

740.373.2766 x5100

Darcie Porter

English Instructor

740.373.2766 x5070

Eric Sauls

Custodian II

Betsy Schramm

Mathematics Instructor

740.373.2766 x4020

Lori Smith

Adult Tech
Recruiting & Marketing

7403736283 x2016

Chris Swarr

English Instructor

740.373.2766 x5030

Melinda White

Adult Tech
Evening Office Assistant

740.373.6283 x2011

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