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Washington County Career Center receives Ohio Auditor of the State Award for exceptional fiscal management

The Washington County Career Center announces that it has been honored with the Ohio Auditor of State Award for the 2023 fiscal year. This marks a remarkable achievement, as the school has consistently received this award every year since 2011.

The Ohio Auditor of State Award is a testament to the WCCC’s commitment to financial transparency and accountability.  To be eligible for the award, entities must meet stringent criteria outlined by the Auditor of State.  The key criteria include:

1.      Timely Financial Reporting

2.      Clean Audit Report

3.      Management Letter Integrity

4.      Absence of Financial or Other Concerns

The Washington County Career Center takes pride in consistently meeting and exceeding these criteria, showcasing its dedication to sound fiscal management practices,

The Washington County Career Center is located at 21740 State Route 676, Marietta OH.  For more information, visit or call 1.800.648.3695.



Pictured are Joseph Crone, Treasurer; Susanne L. Simpson, Southeast Regional Liaison for the Auditor of the State of Ohio; and Tony Huffman, Superintendent. 

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