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Washington County Career Center Hosts Training Manager CDL & Class D Course

The Washington County Career Center - Adult Technical Training recently hosted the Training Manager CDL & Class D course, presented by the Ohio Department of Public Safety. This training course is available at various locations across Ohio, catering specifically to licensed driving schools for both CDL and Class D certifications.

Training managers are pivotal in managing driving schools, tasked with the vital role of ensuring adherence to Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) and Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS) rules and regulations. The comprehensive 6-day program encompasses both classroom learning and practical range components. The range sessions focus on teaching training managers how to conduct instructor assessments effectively, including essential road driving exercises.

Gene Bartlett, the CDL Training Manager at The Washington County Career Center, emphasized the significance of the training: "This training is invaluable for any school aiming to run a safe and efficient operation. It ensures that our training managers are well-equipped to maintain the highest safety and quality standards for our facilities and operations, including CDL lots, pads, drive times, and all associated paperwork."

The Career Center – Adult Technical Training is committed to sustaining a high-quality, ethical program that guarantees the best educational environment for both students and staff. This training is a cornerstone in fostering such standards, ensuring that the next generation of drivers and instructors are the safest and most skilled on the road.


For more information on the CDL and Drivers Education Training offered at The Career Center contact 1.800.648.3695 or visit  The Washington County Career Center is located at 21740 State Route 676, Marietta, OH.


Pictured:  Eric Evans, 160 Driving Academy and Brian Wise, CDL Instructor, The Career Center – Adult Technical Training



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