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Surgical Technologist Program Receives State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Marietta, OH – The Washington County Career Center (WCCC) recently announced an enhancement of its Adult Technical Training offerings with the acquisition of the Stryker HD Endo Camera Tower System for its Surgical Technologist program. This cutting-edge equipment provides students with unparalleled hands-on experience, preparing them for the technological demands of modern surgery.

Megan Ludwig, the Surgical Technologist Instructor at WCCC, emphasized the significance of the new equipment, stating, "The Stryker scope tower allows our students to become proficient with using laparoscopic equipment by giving them hands-on training on the equipment they'll actually be using in surgery." Ludwig further detailed how the comprehensive training with the Stryker system covers everything from equipment functionality to troubleshooting and mastering laparoscopic camera and instrument manipulation. "So many surgeries are done laparoscopically now. Having this knowledge prior to entering clinical settings gives our students a distinct advantage," Ludwig added

Erica Chidester, Medical Programs Manager at The Career Center, highlighted the impact of the Stryker HD Endo Camera Tower System on the Surgical Tech Program, describing it as a "game-changing addition." Chidester elaborated on the system's advanced features, including high-definition imaging and intuitive controls, which not only enhance the educational experience but also empower students to master complex surgical procedures. "With our impressive pass rate and high employment rate, graduates proficient in using this cutting-edge equipment are highly sought after by top healthcare institutions," Chidester stated, underscoring the preparedness of their students to lead in surgical innovation and excellence.

The acquisition was possible through the Ohio Department of Higher Education’s RAPIDS program, a grant opportunity fostering collaboration among educational institutions and regional workforce demand sectors. Evan Schaad, Director of Adult Technical Training at WCCC, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration and the future: "We're thrilled to be part of this initiative, working alongside partners like Washington State College of Ohio and Mid-East Career Center to make crucial equipment investments."

The addition of the Stryker HD Endo Camera Tower to the Surgical Technologist program at WCCC’s Adult Technical Training reflects the school's commitment to providing the highest-quality education and training, equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the ever-evolving field of healthcare.

For more information on the Surgical Technologist program at The Washington County Career Center, Adult Technical Training, visit or call 1.800.648.3695.  WCCC is located at 21740 St. Rt. 676 in Marietta, Ohio, and serves adult students throughout Ohio and West Virginia.



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