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Instructor Open House

Why choose The Career Center - Adult Tech?

  • Small class sizes

  • Make a difference in someone's life

  • Enjoy a family atmosphere

  • Part-time flexible hours!

  • Training curriculum is provided

You are invited to join us at our Open House to learn more about employment at The Career Center.

Where: Washington County Career Center - Adult Technical Training

Address: 21740 State Route 676, Marietta, OH

Date: Tuesday, Sept. 20

Time: Drop in anytime between 5PM to 7PM

All instructors must have a minimum of 3-years of experience working in the field they will be teaching.

Positions include:

  • Industrial Maintenance Mechanic

  • Instrumentation & Electricity

  • Hydraulics

  • Machinist

  • Industrial Lab Tech

  • Chemical Operator

  • PLC

  • State Tested Nursing Assistant

  • Medical Assistant

  • Surgical Technologist

  • And others

Have questions or want to know more prior to the event?


Erica Chidester (Medical Programs) 740.373.6283 ext. 2018

Curt Copen (Industrial Programs) 740.373.6283 ext. 2031

Aaron Heiss (Industrial Programs) 740.373.6283 ext. 2030

Take it from our instructors working at Adult Technical Training is a rewarding experience!

After 32 years of working in the local industry, I enjoy sharing the valuable information I've learned during that time. Spending the last few years of my career instructing students is very fulfilling! A perfect bookend to my career.

~Brian Kincaid, Chemical Operator Instructor

I love working at The Career Center because I can make a difference in my student's lives. The bonds formed with them can last a lifetime.

~Hannah Easton, Medical Billing & Coding Instructor

I enjoy being able to use my work experience and skills to teach up-and-coming technicians. Working with the students throughout the year and hearing how the classes have benefitted them in their career paths shows me the value of what we are working to achieve! ~Jim Rarey, Instrumentation & Electricity Technician Instructor

I enjoy helping people prepare for an amazing career that allows them to not only stay in the area but thrive both personally and professionally!

~Linda Wilson, Chemical Operator Instructor

I've been where my students hope to go. If I can help them focus on what to do to be successful, I'm sharing the good that I have received!

~Stephen McIntire, Chemical Operator Instructor

What I love teaching about teaching Adult Tech students is they are so committed to their educational goals. It's awesome to teach students who are here because they are hungry to learn and eager to work. It also helps keep me sharp and provides me with a challenge!

~Sara Sauls, Medical Programs Instructor

Working as a Maintenance Mechanic, I have noticed that new hires are missing important knowledge and skills. I have had the privilege of working with many knowledgeable technicians, and I want to share this knowledge with the maintenance technicians of the future.

~Shawn Strickler, Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Instructor

I love it when people come in and after a few months, they have gained knowledge and are equipped to make a living for life.

When you are in class and you see the lights come on and you know they are getting it, it is so rewarding! I still see my graduates years after they completed and they thank me for the training they received.

~Sam Brookover, HVAC/R Instructor

I have always said if I wasn't in the medical coding profession, I wanted to be a teacher! So when I was offered the opportunity to teach others a trade that I am passionate about I couldn't believe how fortunate I was. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing students succeed in this profession.

~Ceola Strahler, Medical Coding Instructor

I enjoy the opportunity to pass along knowledge and skills to students who want to better themselves, their family, and their community through an amazing career in HVAC/R. Working with diverse students from all walks of life as they develop these skills and abilities brings humor and joy to our classrooms, greatly enriching our programs.

~Craig Hellinger, HVAC/R instructor

“I walk out of my classroom and see young people learning to drive trucks, turning my head only slightly I see sparks flying and a young person learning how to weld. In just a 10-minute walk I see young people learning health care and training on CPR, a few steps more and people are learning electricity or being a maintenance mechanic. Really hard to believe there is another place that teaches so many front-line people so many great skills for a highly paid highly rewarding life. All at a very small fraction of the cost of college. I am proud to be a part of the “Career Center”. Will be teaching there until I can teach no more.

~ Jim Krotkiewicz, Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Instructor



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