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CDL Program Receives ODHE Award

The Career Center – Adult Technical Training Announce Award for Commercial Truck Driver Student Aid

Marietta, OH – Students attending The Washington County Career Center’s Adult Technical Training Center for their Commercial Drivers License (CDL) now have an opportunity to receive financial aid, thanks to the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) CDL Student Aid Program.

The program is meant to foster job growth for this in-demand occupation. It is available for Ohio residents enrolling in the CDL Class A training program. “A portion of the aid is given as a grant and a portion as a forgivable loan. The program is designed for those wanting to become CDL drivers for an Ohio-based company or be self-employed in Ohio. Students must meet eligibility requirements to participate.”

“Commercial truck drivers continue to be a vital part of Ohio’s economy, and this funding will allow for even more growth for the occupation.” ODHE Chancellor Randy Gardner said. Evan Schaad, Director of Adult Technical Training, added, “We are grateful to the legislature and chancellor for their support of this program. We are excited to help train students to prepare for this essential industry.”

The Career Center received $80,000 dollar from the grant in the first round of funding for FY22 and $50,000 for the FY23 funding round. The application required the school to demonstrate the highest level of success in assisting students in receiving their CDL.

Individuals wishing to apply for the scholarship or learn more about the CDL program are encouraged to call the school at 800.648.3695 or visit

The Career Center’s Adult Technical Training Center is located on State Route 676 in Marietta.



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