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Career Center Prom Royalty

Congratulations to the Washington County Career Center Prom Royalty for the 2022-2023 school year. On Saturday, April 22, the Career Center held its 21st annual prom at the Knight of Columbus in Churchtown.

The prom, with the theme “Night in the Bayou”, was attended by approximately 320 students along with chaperones and staff members. Prom Court King Candidates were: Blake, Samuel, Brayden, and Louden. Prom Court Queen Candidates were: Hannah, Emma, Tessa, Abagail, and Kelly.

The 2023 Prom Royalty are:

KING: Louden is a senior from Belpre enrolled in the Auto Collision Repair & Refinishing program. He is the son of Trampus of Belpre and Amanda of Belpre.

QUEEN: Hannah is a senior from Marietta enrolled in the Patient Health Care program. She is the daughter of David and Crystal of Marietta.

PRINCE: Samuel is a senior from Fort Frye enrolled in the Graphic Design & Video Production program. He is the son of Michael and Kelly of Lower Salem.

PRINCESS: Emma is a senior from Waterford enrolled in the Sports Medicine & Exercise Science program. She is the daughter of Dustin and Ashley Cline of Lowell.

With the student council hosting the event, students have an opportunity to attend the Career Center prom as well as their home school prom.


Prom Court Photo

(Front Row L-R): Abagail, Tessa, Emma, Kelly, and Hannah

(Back Row L-R): Blake America, Brayden

, Louden , and Samuel

Prom Royalty Photo

(L-R): Louden, Hannah, Emma, and Samuel



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