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Career Center Honorees Announced for Career and Technical Education Month

Career and Technical Education is celebrated nationwide during the month of February. The Washington County Career Center joined in the celebration by hosting an Annual Career Fair for the county’s sophomores. In addition, the Washington County Career Center Board of Education honored outstanding contributors to career and technical education as part of the celebration. During its March meeting, the board recognized Chuck Gorrell, Jim Kerns, Jim Krotkiewicz, and Darrell Veyon, for their substantial contributions to the technical education programs at the Career Center – High School and Adult Technical Education.

In 2004, Chuck Gorrell became an integral part of Adult Technical Training by helping to continue to develop the Industrial Maintenance training program. He worked in maintenance in various capacities and brought his wide background and experience to the Career Center upon his retirement of over 38 years of service with Momentive (formerly Union Carbide) as the plant engineer. Gorrell has taught various subjects within the Industrial Maintenance program as well as providing customized training and hands-on skills testing for multiple companies. Chuck is married to Kitty Gorrell of 57 years and resides in Friendly, WV.

In 2001, Jim Kerns came on board the Adult Technical Training team in helping to develop the Industrial Maintenance and later as an instructor of the program. Kerns was a maintenance trainer while at DuPont and brought that talent to the Career Center upon his retirement after 35 years of service as an industrial mechanic and maintenance trainer. In addition, he honorably served our country in the United States Army Reserves and retired after over 32 years of service in 1995.

Jim Krotkiewicz has been affiliated with the Career Center for 23 years and an instructor since 2009 for multiple Adult Technical Training programs and customized training. Many years ago, Jim recognized the effectiveness of hands-on technical training for his company’s employees and used the Career Center to train them. Krotkiewicz currently is the instructor for the Electricity and Instrumentation courses in the Chemical Technician program. His dedication to the student’s success is second to none. He has been a great supporter of technical training for many years and is always willing to provide testimonials on the need for and the effectiveness of it.

Krotkiewicz is an engineer for MAHLE Engine Components, a leading international development partner and supplier to the automotive industry as well as a pioneer and technology driver for the mobility of the future. He received a BSME from Cleveland State University in 1979 and has worked the past 41 years in engineering. Jim invented and received US Patent No. 4,379,031 for “Evaporization Driven Counter Flow Rinse System and Method” recognized in 11 countries, Invention turned International Trade Secret: “Dead Cell Protection”, and Invention turned International Trade Secret: “SCR Drive”. He was the project sponsor of the “High Speed Plater Project” written up in the Cleveland Plain Dealer as one of the top ten project in the company’s 100-year history. He also sponsored the project “1987 Auto Caster”, which was the largest automatic casting machine in the United States at that time. In addition, he worked on a short-term project in England, Scotland and France. In 2016, Krotkiewicz received the AEP Ohio Energy Efficiency Champion Award.

Jim was married to the late Linda Krotkiewicz for 33 years. He and his wife started a small rescue shelter, which he continues to lovingly care for six dogs and two cats at the present time.

Darrell Veyon came to the Career Center in 1999. He has performed as a safety instructor in multiple pathways including Chemical Technician and Industrial Maintenance Mechanic. Veyon represents the Career Center in many of the local chemical and manufacturing facilities through customized training opportunities. He is the owner and operator of V.I.T.A.L. Resources LLC, a safety and health training and consulting service. With a diversified background in the Chemical Industry, the Oil & Gas Industry, Emergency Medicine, and the Fire Service, Veyon focuses on assisting businesses of all types in meeting regulatory requirements through training, policy and procedure technical writing, site safety services, auditing and inspection, and continuous improvement.

Industrial Training Coordinator, John Moore, and Industrial & Customized Training Manager, Curt Copen, stated, “All four gentlemen are very dedicated instructors and contribute to the Career Center in whatever capacity is needed. They are great assets to the continued success of this organization.”

PHOTOS: Chuck Gorrell, Jim Kerns, Jim Krotkiewicz, Darrell Veyon



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