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Adult Technical Training Secures $50,000 Grant for Truck Driver Student Aid

(Marietta, OH) The Washington County Career Center (WCCC) Adult Technical Training is thrilled to announce that it has been selected as a recipient of a $50,000 grant dedicated to supporting students pursuing their Commercial Drivers License (CDL). This financial boost is set to play a pivotal role in expanding opportunities for aspiring truck drivers in Ohio and enhancing the workforce in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

The grant is a testament to WCCC’s commitment to student success in assisting students in receiving their CDL. It will specifically provide financial aid to in-state students enrolling in the CDL program. To be eligible for this aid, students must successfully complete the CDL program and commit to residing and being employed in Ohio for a minimum of one year upon program completion.

“We are extremely grateful for this generous grant, as it aligns perfectly with our mission to provide area residents with training that leads directly to in-demand careers,” said Evan Schaad, Director of Adult Technical Training. “This funding will alleviate the financial burden for students pursuing their CDL. As we know, the trucking industry is vital to our economy. ”

The grant not only serves as an investment in the training of individuals but also addresses the growing demand for skilled truck drivers. By supporting students in obtaining their CDL, WCCC aims to contribute to developing a robust workforce and enhancing the economic landscape of Washington County and the entire Mid-Ohio Valley.

Individuals wishing to apply for the scholarship or learn more about the CDL program can call the school at 1.800.648.3695 or visit

The Career Center’s Adult Technical Training Center is located on State Route 676 in Marietta, OH.



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