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Career Center Competition Helps the Ronald McDonald House

The Washington County Career Center recently held a competition among the 15 career and technical programs to see who could collect the most can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. The program winners were: First place, Medical College Prep (17.38 lbs.); Second place, Patient Health Care (14.31 lbs.); and Third place, Diesel Truck Mechanics (12.94 lbs.). A total of 106,155 can tabs were collected (63.19 lbs.).

Presenting collected pop tabs


(L-R): Ashley, junior from Warren enrolled in Medical College Prep; Justina, senior from Fort Frye enrolled in Sports Medicine & Exercise Science; Landon, senior from Warren enrolled in Welding, Natalie, junior from Waterford enrolled in Medical College Prep; and Mahela, junior from Fort Frye enrolled in Medical College Prep.

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