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Career Center Reward Excellence with W.I.S.H. Activity Day

The Washington County Career Center rewarded approximately 59 students with some fun activities who made it on the W.I.S.H. List during the fourth nine-weeks of last school year. W.I.S.H. is an acronym for Willfully maintaining positive behavior, Intrinsically motivated to achieve good grades, Successfully demonstrating positive work ethic, and Habitually present and punctual. In order to be eligible for the W.I.S.H. List students must meet the following three criteria: 3.0 GPA or Higher, 95% Attendance or Higher, and No Office Referrals. Returning seniors who met the criteria at the end of last school year normally miss out on the W.I.S.H. activity due to grades not being entered until after the school year has ended. Kaye Spiker, Assistant Director for the high school, felt these students needed to be rewarded upon returning as they set the example as leaders among their peers to meet the goals for the new grading period. The Career Center treated W.I.S.H. students to a flavored snow cone provided by John Church, a local franchise owner of Kona Ice. Spiker commented, “Rewarding the students who are showing growth in being ready, respectful, and responsible promotes career development as well as leadership skills. We want to recognize the students who continually exhibit positive work ethic at school through attendance, grades, and behavior. We often, as administrators, spend a lot of time with students who aren’t doing so well in these three areas. It’s only appropriate to recognize those students who are excelling in these three indicators of school success.”

The students who met the three criteria for the fourth nine weeks of the 2016-2017 school year are: Casil Atkinson, Charlotte Bailey, Mikalah Bailey, Jacey Barth, Sydney Benson, Ryen Bishop, Matthew Borman, Chantel Brown, Aura Bruce, Dale Caldwell, Malika Campbell, Sydney Carpenter, Taylor Carpenter, Katelyn Chesser, Joshua Dietz, Ethan DuVall, Benjamin Erb, Tyler Ferrier, Nathaniel Gessel, Astashia Gossett, Adam Henderhan, Joshua Hinton, Jarrod Huck, Isaiah Hutchings, Michael Jarvis, Mason Johnson, Derrick Kapple, Tristan Kildow, Judge Larimer, Allie Maynard, Jared McElroy, McKinlee Michael, Hannah R. Moore, James Moore, Andrew Mueller, Haylee Pletcher, Logan Raines, Colton Renner, Tavion Rummer, Courtney Ryan, Zachary Schilling, Austin Siders, Sarah Slater, Brady Smith, Haley Smith, Lane Smith, Gabrielle Starks, Jason Stull, Mia Thomas, Kendell Ullmann, Dakota Welsh, Camron West, Gavin Westfall, Cameron Williams, Thomas Williams, Aubriona Wittekind, Kaylie Wittekind, Tanner Wriston, and Christopher Yaney.

Photo 1: Sarah Slater, a senior from Belpre in the Graphic Design & Video Production program, accepts a snow cone from Kona Ice during the W.I.S.H. activity.

Photo 2: Dakota Welsh, a senior from Warren in the Electricity program, is having fun making his own flavored snow cone at the Flav-O-Wave area of the Kona Ice truck.

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