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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I attend the Career Center?

The Career Center can offer a variety of opportunities. Students can become skilled in a technical field, gain immediate employment upon high school graduation, and/or further their studies in college, apprenticeship, or trade school. The Career Center can give you career related experiences, advanced college placement, licensure opportunities, and a place where your career begins.

How do I enroll at the Career Center?

Application to the Career Center is made during the sophomore year. Interested students will have the opportunity to explore the programs offered through visitations to the Career Center. Applications are returned to the home school counselor for processing and are then sent to the Career Center. You may view and print the application (PDF format) by clicking here.

How will I know if I am accepted into a Program?

Career Center counselors will review applications and notify students of acceptance for their preferred program of study. Students should apply as soon as possible.


Is college an option if I attend the Career Center?

Most definitely! All students are prepared for further study in post-secondary certification, for licensure, and for college degree programs. Students have the opportunity to receive advanced placement prior to entering some two or four-year colleges.


Can I still get college scholarships if I attend the Career Center?

Yes! All students are eligible to compete for scholarships available through home schools, local civic organizations, national contests, and colleges. The Career Center also offers its own academic and technical merit scholarships. Tech Prep students may qualify for additional scholarships through Washington State Community College.


Which high schools participate in the Career Center Programs?

The Career Center serves junior and senior students from Washington County. Participating high schools include:

  • Belpre High School

  • Fort Frye High School

  • Frontier High School

  • Marietta High School

  • Warren High School

  • Waterford High School

How many Credits will I earn toward graduation?

Students are eligible to earn eight credits at the Career Center each year. Students will spend half of the school day in their career/technical studies and the other half of the school day in academic classes. The Career Center is set up on a block schedule instructional Day. One credit is earned in a semester per class.


Can I still be involved in activities at my Home School?

Yes! In addition to the many clubs and activities offered at the Career Center, students may continue to participate in extracurricular and graduation activities at their home school.


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