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English 11

English 11 offers an integrated approach to the language arts that includes examination of literature from a variety of genres with emphasis upon comprehension and critical analysis; provides a number of writing and revision experiences coupled with language use, conventions instruction, and review as necessary; and offers instruction in critical listening, guided discussion, speaking and viewing.


English 11 is the curricular application of the academic content standards set by the Ohio Department of Education aligned with their appropriate grade-level indicators and the core practices of the High Schools That Work initiative.  We assert that all students benefit from the introduction to and mastery of the practical and higher-order reasoning skills implicit in language arts study.  Our goal is to equip students with the skills necessary to succeed in whatever career or higher education avenues they choose to pursue upon graduation from the Washington County Career Center.


English 12

English 12 offers an approach to language arts that includes an examination of literature from various time periods with a particular emphasis on character study to determine the motivations and reactions of literary characters confronting universal conflicts.


Students examine the development of the English language and its world-wide influence, and compare the varying characteristics of American, British, world and multi-cultural literature. Students learn to distinguish between valid and invalid inferences, identify fallacies, and evaluate the effectiveness and validity of arguments in public documents.


Students research, write and publish reflective compositions, responses to literature, informational reports and functional documents, and deliver persuasive presentations.


Program Instructors

Chris Swarr

Chelsea Warren

Darcie Porter

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