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Program Book Information

  • Adult Technical Training will post the list of books for the upcoming quarter 30 days prior to the start date.

  • Books are available in the Adult Tech Office the week prior to the start of classes and available up to 10 days after the start of the quarter.

  • Books must be paid in full before the school will issue them. Upon receipt of a book, student will initial and date that he or she has received it.

  •  If you are wishing to purchase books outside of Adult Technical Training, we recommend to only purchase books for the current quarter of classes you are taking. The school is not responsible for any ordering issues you may encounter.

  • Books and book prices are subject to change.

  • Please refer to the Adult Technical Training Student Handbook for  textbook policies.

For Questions Regarding Books Contact:


Alexa Fouss

740-373-6283 Ext. 2011


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