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Superintendent - Dennis Blatt


Welcome to Washington County Career Center. We are pleased that you have taken the time to visit our site. The Career Center is dedicated to providing excellent career, technical and educational opportunities for high school and adult students. Working closely with business and educational leaders we ensure that the knowledge and skills that you gain prepare you for the career or college of your choice. In an exciting learning environment students are provided rigorous, relevant hands-on participatory experiences leading to diplomas and nationally recognized credentials and certifications. We are proud to offer quality educational opportunities in a caring school environment. Thank you for taking the time to “check us out”. We invite you to join the Career Center where students come first.


Dennis A. Blatt - Superintendent



Secondary Director - Michael Elliott


Welcome to Washington County Career Center. We are pleased that you have taken the time to visit our site. The staff at the Career Center is happy to have the opportunity to provide our students quality career technical and academic options. Students in our fifteen career technical programs are able to develop skills and knowledge in a hands-on, active learning environment. These skills ensure success for our students as they enter the work force, college, or both. We are proud to offer quality educational experiences in a caring school setting. Please feel free to contact any of us if you are interested in obtaining “an education that matters”.


Michael Elliott - Secondary Director




Secondary Assistant Director - Kaye Spiker


Thank you for your interest in the Washington County Career Center.  Please explore the website to find out how The Career Center can meet your needs through up-to-date career-technical and academic education.  Our highly qualified staff is extremely proud of the accomplishments and growth students make in two short years.  Assisting students to become knowledgeable and skilled individuals who are prepared for future opportunities and productive citizenship is our mission.


Students are residents of the six Washington County school districts—Belpre, Fort Frye, Frontier, Marietta, Warren and Wolf Creek.  Individually, students will always be Eagles, Cadets, Cougars, Tigers, Warriors and Wildcats.  Participation in home school activities is strongly encouraged.  Through hands-on training and teamwork in the program courses, collaborative activities in academic classes and involvement in various clubs, students collectively become The Career Center.


Being Ready, Respectful, and Responsible is The Career Center Way.  If this path feels right to you, then come join us!


Kaye Spiker, Assistant Director




Treasurer - Joseph O. Crone


The Washington County Career Center staff takes seriously our responsibility to train all our high school and post secondary students for their individual careers. Students at the Washington County Career Center develop life-long relationships with their peers, staff and industry partners. We take great pride in working with our industry partners allowing us to offer up-to-date technology in our learning environment. If you are reading this message for the first time and have not experienced one of our programs, don’t delay and enroll today!


Joseph O. Crone, Treasurer




Dennis Blatt
Michael Elliott
Kaye Spiker
Joseph O. Crone