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Key in the Lock
2020 - 2021 Restart Plan


The Career Center will return to school under plan A starting Monday, March 15, 2021

Should you need to report a positive Covid-19 test or case to the Career Center,
please call 740-373-2766, extension 1160.

Ohio Department of Health Face Mask Policy

Students returning to school after being quarantined and/or a negative COVID test result must bring a hard copy of the results to Nurse Smicker, before going back to class.

For more information please review the following documents:

Active COVID-19 Student Positive Tests:  0

Active COVID-19 Student Close Contacts: 2

Total COVID-19 Student Positive Tests:  46

Total COVID-19 Student Close Contacts: 331

Active COVID-19 Staff Positive Tests:  0

Active COVID-19 Staff Close Contacts: 0

Total COVID-19 Staff Positive Tests:  10

Total COVID-19 Staff Close Contacts: 37

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