Student Account Information

WCCC students, if you are having trouble remembering your Career Center login credentials. This little primer should help you out.

All student emails begin with your 2-digit anticipated graduation year followed by your fist name, a period (.), then your last name. All of this is always followed by “”.

For example: If your name is Rick Sanchez and you are currently a junior planning to graduate in 2021. Then your email address is:

Your password is always your birth month (capitalize the first letter), followed by your student ID (lunch number). Again, if Rick was born in March, and his student ID was 000137, his password would be: March000137.

If you are having trouble logging in, please feel free to email Mr. Bradford ( or call the IT Office at 740-373-2766 x4110.

Contact Information

The Career Center High School
21740 State Route 676
Marietta, OH 45750

Phone: (740) 373-2766
Fax: (740) 376-2244

Should you need to report a positive Covid-19 test or case to the Career Center, please call 740-373-2766, extension 1160.

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