Mr. Elliott’s News Minute

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Good Morning Career Center Family,

This will hopefully become a daily news item from the Career Center about up-to-date happenings and the passing on of information from school to home.

First thing: As of today, the Career Center is closed to students until at least Monday, April 6. We anticipate this being longer. However, if students need to come to school to pick up books, supplies, tools, etc., that is allowed. Please contact Mrs. White at 740-373-2766 x-4011, to let her know you will be coming.

This is really important!!!

We are currently undergoing the process of contacting every student to see if you have internet capabilities at home or on your cell phone. Our plan to continue school involves sending lessons, videos, worksheets and other educational items through the internet for students to complete. All of your current teachers have sent emails to your Career Center accounts. Please respond to all of these emails. We need to firmly establish who has the internet, and who does not. Should you have the internet, but not a computer, contact Mr. Bradford (ext. 4110) and we have extras for students to borrow and use during this time. Students who do not have a home internet signal will be given the assignments in paper copy by mail or drop off. Again, please respond to your teacher emails asap.

Please go out of your way to promote healthy practices and social distancing.

Here is our Career Center staff meeting, yesterday. Our staff was doing a great job of distancing from each other during our get together.

We hope to see you soon…

Mr. Elliott

Contact Information

The Career Center High School
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Phone: (740) 373-2766
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Should you need to report a positive Covid-19 test or case to the Career Center, please call 740-373-2766, extension 1160.

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