Graphic Design & Video Production
Zane State & Washington State Course Matches

Adobe Ilustrator

DTGR 1600 Adobe Illustrator 3 credits.

Covers industry standard page vector editing software. Vector and typography tools are utilized. Emphasis is placed on developing logos and vector graphics.

Adobe InDesign

DTGR 2750 Adobe InDesign 3 credits.

Covers the page layout software Adobe InDesign to prepare the students for Adobe Certification. Students will learn to lay out marketing and business media using proper design basics.

Adobe Photoshop

DTGR 2620 Adobe Photoshop 3 credits.

Covers advanced digital photography/image editing software. Emphasis is placed on developing graphic projects.

Digital Photography

ITCS 1440 Digital Photography  3 credits.

This course covers intermediate and advanced principles of digital image manipulation.  Topics include color correction and manipulation, digital filters, digital painting, advanced image enhancement techniques and applying dark room techniques.

Digital Video Effects

DTME 1330 Digital Video Effects 3 credits.

Course covers aspects of manipulating digital imagery and video for special effects. Topics include image and video representation, digital workflow, lighting, rendering, compositing mixed environments (live and CG), morphing, particle effects, dynamics, camera properties, image tracking and filters. Students will concentrate on planning, storyboarding, and producing short movies that apply special effects

Digital Video Production

ITCS 2040 Digital Video Production  3 credits.

Develops skills in developing, acquiring, and manipulating video and sound to be integrated into computer based multimedia applications.

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