College Credit Plus
Medical College Prep &
Sports Medicine And Exercise Science
Zane State & Washington State Course Matches

Medical Terminology I

HLTH 1810 Medical Terminology I 2 credits.

Introduction to the basic medical word elements - roots, suffixes, prefixes and combining forms used by the medical profession. Spelling, definitions, pronunciations and usage of medical terms pertaining to all body systems are stressed.

Medical Terminology II

HLTH 1820 Medical Terminology II 2 credits.

Continuation of Medical Terminology I - provides an overview of basic terminology necessitated in health care delivery. Students learn how to use appropriate reference material. The course entails instruction in correct pronunciation, accurate spelling, detailed definitions, and administration of acceptable applications of the terminology presented.

Management of Athletics Injuries

SFMT 2300 Management of Athletics Injuries  3 credits.

The focus of this course is upon the initial management of common injuries resulting from physical activity Students learn skills related to prevention, recognition and treatment of common injuries.


BIOL 1510 Introduction to Nutrition 3 credits.

A course for non-science majors which introduces the basic  nutritional needs of humans through the life cycle; nutrient functions, sources, and requirements. Significant factors which influence food attitudes and habits are included. Students will develop sample meal plans for different life situations.


SFMT 2200 Resistance Training  3 credits.

This class builds upon the introductory coursework information to broaden the student’s knowledge of resistance training.Students will develop individual exercise programs by exploring training concepts and demonstration of appropriate spotting, safety and lifting techniques.