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College Algebra

MATH 2130 College Algebra 4 credits.

Application-based course on functions and graphs, systems of linear equations, 3x3 determinants, factoring, quadratic equations and inequalities, exponents and radicals, and logarithms.

English Composition

ENGL 1500 English Composition 3 credits.

This course emphasizes the writing and revising process with essay mastery as the primary goal.  Students read literary examples as models and write in descriptive, narrative, expository, persuasive, and poetic modes.  A research essay written in APA style is a requirement to successfully complete this course.  


POLS 1020 American National Government 3 credits.

Survey of all aspects of our democratic system; emphasis  on the Constitution, the three branches of government, civil  rights and liberties, and foreign policy.


MATH 2110 Principles of Statistics 4 credits.

Introduction to the vocabulary, concepts, formulas, and presentation of statistics as applied to business and the sciences. This course focuses on measures of central tendencies and dispersion; probability; sampling practices and theory, and probability distributions with emphasis on binomial and normal distributions. Calculator usage will be incorporated into this course.