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Adult Technical Training

Short Term Certificate Grant

Short Term Certificate Grant

The objective of the Short-Term Certificate Program is to provide aid to Ohio residents who are enrolled in a program that can be completed in one-year (720-hours) or less!

The grant can provide financial assistance in the form of $2,000 grants to eligible students enrolling at The Career Center - Adult Technical Training in obtaining their training and certification.


  • Must be a current resident of Ohio.

  • Applicant must complete the FAFSA if enrolling in a full-time program. ( A program that is 600+ hours)

  • Applicant must apply for WIOA funding and provide proof of approval or denial.

    • Need the location of your local office? Click Here

How do you apply?

  • Apply for any of the eligible programs (see list below) at Adult Technical Training with a start date of January 1, 2022, or later.

  • Complete the Short-Term Certificate application. Click here.

Have questions?We are here to help!  Please call the Adult Technical Training office at 1-800-648-3695 or email

Eligible Programs Include:


Have some questions? We're here to help!

Wendy Ketelsen

740.373.2766  Ext. 2014


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